Addressing Potential Gaps In Your Auto Insurance Coverage

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Addressing Potential Gaps In Your Auto Insurance Coverage

13 October 2017
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When you are looking to buy an insurance policy for your vehicle, you may assume that these policies will all offer a fairly comparable level of protection. Yet, there can be many potential gaps in the coverage offered by a standard liability policy, and you will want to be aware of these gaps as you are shopping for a plan.

Damage To Your Own Vehicle

Individuals often assume that their insurance will allow them to repair their vehicle after being involved in an accident. Yet, a standard liability auto policy will only cover damages that are caused by your vehicle rather than damages to your vehicle. When you are wanting to be protected from collisions that were your fault or accidents with uninsured motorists, comprehensive coverage will be necessary.

Items That Were In The Car

It can be common for individuals to have fairly expensive items in their vehicles, such as cell phones and tablets. In addition to being at risk of being stolen, these items can also be easily damaged in an automobile accident. Sadly, you may not realize that these items will only be covered if you have a personal property addendum. Adding this type of coverage can greatly enhance your protection, and it can be added to your policy for a fairly low fee.  

Rental Coverage

After a serious accident, your car may be undergoing repairs for an extended period of time. Many people will find that being without a car for any significant amount of time is simply not a practical option. This will often be the case for those that need a car to drive to work or regularly need to run errands that require driving. If you are wanting to protect yourself against these particular complications and inconveniences, you should be sure that any auto policy your purchase included rental coverage. Under these plans, you will be provided with a rental car for the time that our car is undergoing repairs.

Medical Expenses

The injuries that occur due to an auto accident can be among the most serious consequences of one of these incidents. Unfortunately, standard auto insurance policies will have caps on the amount of medical damages that will be paid out. Once this cap is reached, you will become responsible for the remaining costs. If you are wanting to protect yourself with a policy that offers higher medical caps, you will want to include personal injury protection as this coverage is designed specifically for the injuries that an accident can cause.

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