Insurance Issues For Hairdressers

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Insurance Issues For Hairdressers

15 October 2017
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As a hairdresser, the pride you take in making someone look beautiful or handsome as a result of your cutting work is substantial. However, in spite of all your best efforts, things could go sour with a few clients. You need the protection and coverage that solid insurance offers. Suggestions listed down below are essential when considering some policies:

Obtain Liability Coverage

The simplest way to pick up insurance for your professional work is to get an umbrella general liability policy. This helps with issues that could happen any day of the week related to the work you do. If you accidentally over bleach someone's hair, nick someone's ear with a styling wand, or encounter similar situations, you'll be covered. General liability coverage will travel with you as well; if you're styling an entire wedding party at a hotel and something happens, your coverage will kick in.

Ensure professional liability is something covered too. This is a slightly more sophisticated kind of coverage that comes in handy whenever a client accuses you of something that may have happened but isn't easily proven. For example, if a client rushes into your place of work to claim that the chemicals you used ruined their hair, there's no way to know whether they tried another process or added additional chemicals that did the damage. Professional liability is crucial in cases like this.

Re-evaluate Car and Building Insurance

If operating a small all-purpose salon, insurance for the structure is vital. To style hair, electricity is essential these days; an electrical fire inside your building could be catastrophic. Flood damage and wind damage could happen as well, so double-check the insurance you hold on the building to ensure it's adequate.

If traveling to hotels, private homes and other places to work on hair, you may also need to reconsider your vehicle insurance policy. Check whether additional riders should be put into place.

Consult A Licensing Board

After receiving your hairdressing license, you might not have much contact with the board that granted it to you. Just know that insurance needs are sometimes updated by the state; if you fall out of compliance, your license could be jeopardized. Consult the board every few months to be sure you're in good standing.

Your passion could be hairdressing, but insurance is important. Call one of the many agents in town and go over the details of your business for expert help.