Questions Agents Ask When Calculating Homeowner's Insurance Quotes

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Questions Agents Ask When Calculating Homeowner's Insurance Quotes

15 October 2017
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If you are interested in finding a new homeowner's insurance policy for your house, you can call an insurance agency of your choice to ask for a quote. Most insurance companies offer quotes over the phone, but the agent you speak with will probably need to ask you a lot of questions before he or she can give you a quote. Here are some of the questions agents ask and the reasons they ask them.

How Old Is the Roof?                             

An insurance agent will probably ask you about the age of the roof. If the house has a new roof, you might be able to save money on your policy. If the roof is old, on the other hand, the quote might be a little higher.

A new roof has the potential to protect your home more so than an older roof. As a roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to problems. Shingles may fly off the house if it is really windy outside, or you might experience water damage in your home from a leak in the roof. Agents ask this question to determine the level of risk your home has for problems like this.

Does the House Have a Fireplace?

The agent will also ask if you have a fireplace. Fireplaces are great to have and can be wonderful sources of heat in the winter, but they can also present risks too. A fireplace could cause a home fire, and this would turn into a homeowner's claim if it happened. While you might pay a little more for your insurance if you have a fireplace, the extra amount you must pay will probably not be very high.

Do You Have Home Security Features?

The agent is also probably going to ask you about the security features your home has. For example, do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your house? Do you have deadbolts on your doors? Do you have smoke detectors in the right places? These questions can help the agent determine how protected your house is against vandalism, fires, and other types of home hazards. If your home has a home-security system in it, you might even qualify for a discount on your policy.

There are many other questions insurance agents ask when they are calculating quotes for home insurance. If you have questions or would like a free quote, contact an insurance agency in your town today.