Suspended Or Revoked: Four Ways To Get Your License Back

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Suspended Or Revoked: Four Ways To Get Your License Back

19 October 2017
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When your license is suspended or revoked, your insurance company is going to "hear" about it. Usually, this comes with a judge notifying your insurance company that you cannot drive until you purchase SR22 insurance. Of course, the insurance company might hear about it in other ways too. If you want to get your license back, here is the short list of things you might be expected to, or ordered to, do.

Take a "Points-Off" Driver Safety Course

Some states will allow drivers to have their licenses back, without the need of an SR22 filing, if the drivers take a "points-off" driver safety course. The course goes by different names, and the point values might be different, in each state. However, the result is that the points on your license that caused you to lose it will be diminished by the number of points rewarded back to your license for taking the course.

Take an Anger Management Class for Road Rage

If road rage is what caused you to lose your license, the judge might tell you that you have to take an anger management class before you can have your license back. This class typically meets for several weeks, possibly several months, if a judge so orders it. You have to be present and contributing to the group discussions in order for the psychiatrist to sign off on your form for the courts.

Keep Your Nose Clean (So to Speak)

Part of the process that helps you get your license back is that you follow the rules regarding driving privileges. IF you are lucky, you may be able to drive only when you need to. You have to file paperwork with the court and possibly the DMV/D.O.T. stating when you need to drive and why. Driving with a revoked or suspended license is always work or school. There are no exceptions, and if you are caught driving during times not listed on the records, your license may be suspended or revoked for longer. 

Agree to/Comply with the Order to Purchase and Carry SR22 Insurance

If it is driving you mad to be without a car, you can always appeal your case and ask for the option to purchase and carry SR22 insurance. If a judge orders it, you have no option but to follow through, even if you do not have a car at the moment. Yet, you could ask for this type of insurance as most judges would find it appealing that you are willing to pay for and carry the extra insurance just to get your license back.

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