5 Injuries Your Home Insurance Liability Coverage May Not Cover

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5 Injuries Your Home Insurance Liability Coverage May Not Cover

22 April 2018
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Your home insurance coverage has a liability coverage portion that pays for injuries that you, your household members or your properties may cause to other people. However, it excludes some forms of injuries, such as the following five:

1. Injuries Sustained By Household Members

Your homeowner's insurance liability coverage doesn't pay for injuries sustained by your household members; it's only meant for injuries you, your property or your pet may cause to others. Therefore, if your dog bites the neighbor's kid, but not you take in a stray dog and it bites your kid. Your health insurance should pay for injuries sustained by you or members of your household.

2. Injuries Sustained By Tenants

You shouldn't look to your homeowner's insurance for help if one of your tenants gets injured on your property; these injuries are excluded too. For example, if you have rented out your basement and your tenant slips and falls on the floor because it wasn't properly finished, don't expect your home insurance to pay the damages. Buy landlord liability insurance if you want your tenants to be covered.

3. Intentional Injuries

You should also know that home insurance coverage won't help you if you are accused of causing an intentional injury to another person. This is because an intentional injury is a crime-related injury, and insurance doesn't settle such claims. For example, if you are accused of assaulting a guest in your home, homeowner's insurance won't defend you or pay the damages.

4. Injuries Caused By Automobiles

As a rule, home insurance liability coverage pays for injuries or damages your properties may cause to others. For example, if one of your trees falls on the neighbor's house or your gutters fall and injure a visitor, then your home insurance coverage will pay for the damages. However, injuries caused by automobiles are excluded. For example, home insurance coverage won't help you if you are accused of knocking a pedestrian down with your motorcycle.

5. Injuries Stemming From Business Activities or Property

Lastly, you shouldn't expect any help from your home insurance carrier if you operate a business in your home, and your business activities or properties cause injury to others. Commercial liability is typically excluded from home insurance liability coverage. Therefore, you are out of luck if you run a home bakery and it causes a fire outbreak that harms one of your regular customers.

Evaluate your home insurance coverage today to confirm that the limit is adequate for your situation. Also, scrutinize the policy terms and conditions to understand all its exclusions. For more information, contact a company like Accredited Insurance Group Inc.