3 Big Ways to Get a Smaller Auto Insurance Cost

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3 Big Ways to Get a Smaller Auto Insurance Cost

5 November 2018
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Are you tired of paying high rates for your auto insurance? Does it feel like you're paying more and more with each insurance payment? Even if you're a good driver, it's not uncommon for your insurance rates to go up each time you renew your insurance coverage. It may not feel fair, but that is how many insurance companies conduct their business. However, it's not something that you actually have to put up with. There are a number of things you can try to lower your insurance rate without having to completely give up on driving. Some of these include the following:

Take a Class

Even if you've been driving for a while, you can sometimes get a discount on your current rate by taking a driving class. Depending on the insurance company, spending just a few tens of dollars on a defensive driving class could save you a substantial percentage of your monthly auto insurance rate. Not all insurance companies offer this discount, and not all defensive driving classes count toward this discount even if it's offered. In order to know for certain that you can get this discount, you need to ask your insurance agent what classes you can take in order to be eligible.

Switch Insurers

Many insurance companies, like a lot of cable or internet companies, will give you a low introductory offer for the first year and then raise your rates in subsequent years. In order to prevent this from happening, you should shop around to see what rates you can get elsewhere. In some circumstances, your current auto insurance company may offer you another discount if you tell them that you're thinking about switching, but this isn't a guarantee. Be prepared to carry out your promise and switch to another company to get a better rate.


One drastic step that you may want to consider taking to lower your auto insurance rate is to move to a new place when your current lease is up. Insurance companies consider your zip code when calculating your insurance premiums, and some zip codes have higher crime rates than others. If your current zip code is considered to be a high crime area but a zip code a couple miles away is considered to have a lower crime rate, moving to a new place may lower your insurance rate significantly. It doesn't always make sense to move just because of insurance, but if you were considering moving anyway, this may be another incentive for you to do so.

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