4 Reasons You Could End Up Needing SR-22 Insurance

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4 Reasons You Could End Up Needing SR-22 Insurance

17 September 2019
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SR-22 is something that is often labeled as insurance; however, it is not exactly insurance coverage. It is more or less just a document that shows you have insurance coverage. It will, however, cost you extra money to get an SR-22 document, because if you need it, it means that you are a high-risk driver. Here are four reasons that people often end up with the need to purchase an SR-22 policy.

Major driving violation and conviction

Being caught drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs is considered a major driving violation. Drinking while you are impaired is a risky event, and that is why courts are very severe in terms of consequences for those who are charged with any crime such as a DUI, DWI, or OWI. After a person is convicted of a crime like this, he or she will often need SR-22, and this is especially true if a person has a DUI in the past and receives another one.

Caught driving without any insurance

Being caught driving without auto insurance in a state that requires all drivers to have this coverage is another reason you will need SR-22. Insurance is something almost every state requires of drivers, and this is because when you drive without it, you put others at risk. To make sure a person gets insurance, the state may require that he or she purchase a policy to prove coverage, and this would involve purchasing an SR-22 policy.

Acquiring too many points

Another reason you might end up being required to buy SR-22 is after getting too many points on your driver's license. While not all states have a point system, most do. With a point system, you start out with a driver's license that has zero points. Anytime you get a ticket of any kind, you will end up getting at least one point. Some driving violations result in multiple points. If you get too many points, you could lose your license or need SR-22.

Court-ordered reason

The court can also require that you buy SR-22 insurance for reasons that are not even related to driving. A common reason a court may do this is if a person fails to pay his or her child support or alimony.

These are four reasons people end up needing SR-22 auto insurance coverage, and if you need this coverage, it is likely for one of these reasons.