A Guide on the Work of Public Claims Adjusters

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A Guide on the Work of Public Claims Adjusters

17 May 2021
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Let us assume a catastrophic event like floods, hurricanes, or fire destroys a part of your house. You know you are supposed to contact your insurance company for a claim. However, you may not know the total claim to request based on the damage. In this case, you would need the services of a public claims adjuster. Read this article to understand the work and benefits of a public claims adjuster.

Who is a Public Claims Adjuster?

Public claims adjusters are property loss professionals who work for the policyholders. They are experts in the details and language of property insurance, as well as filing and adjusting claims. Thus, they offer assistance to policyholders who may doubt the amount of claim that insurance companies provide. Typically, public claims adjusters are paid a service fee by the policyholder for filing claims, often a percentage of the total claim.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Public Claims Adjuster?

Expert Assessment 

It is not easy to assess the monetary value of property loss. Even if you can estimate, it is always essential to seek a second opinion. Public claims adjusters are professionals in this field. Thus, the adjuster will ensure that no cost is left out, including any oversight by the insurance company. For instance, home insurance may pay for the cost of damages but forget the cost of demolishing the existing structure. When you hire a public claims adjuster, you reduce the risks of miscalculating claim costs. 

Claims Accuracy 

Part of the insurance claims process involves filing documents with the insurance company. The insurer uses the documents to process the claim. Thus, any mistakes in the documents may lead to delays, reductions, and rejections in policy claims. Besides, the insurer will only pay the amount claimed even if you qualified for more. Having a public claims adjuster ensures you have support to make a factual and accurate claim.

Independent Review 

A company claims adjuster works for the insurer, but the public claims adjuster is an independent expert acting for the policyholder. Thus, a policyholder may not have confidence in the company assigned adjuster. Either conflict may arise over improper loss valuation or poor communication with the company adjuster. In such cases, the rational action would be to hire a public claims adjuster to offer an independent opinion. 

Complex Policies

Insurance policies for commercial properties are more complex than residential homes. Ordinarily, they involve property damage and income loss due to business disruption. Engaging the services of a public claims adjuster help break the complexity. The adjuster will investigate all associated costs and factors in the business income loss.

Hiring a public claims adjuster for a property insurance claim is advisable when you need an expert opinion or do not have time to deal with the process. These professionals will conduct a loss valuation, file necessary documents, and negotiate for an accurate settlement.