Tips To Reduce Theft Risks And Maintain Affordable Commercial Insurance

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Tips To Reduce Theft Risks And Maintain Affordable Commercial Insurance

30 June 2022
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Your business insurance history affects your commercial insurance rates. In particular, numerous claims within a short period increase your premiums. One way to reduce your claim rates is to prevent theft and burglary incidents at your business premises. Below are two ways to accomplish that.

1. Security Installations

The security industry has many systems and gadgets you can use to secure your business premises. Below are a few examples.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems sound when intruders attack your business premises. The alarm sounds can scare the intruders and alert the authorities. Look for an alarm system that intruders cannot easily disconnect.


Security cameras can record and help you trace intruders. The recovery of stolen items may help you avoid filing insurance claims and keep your rates low. Many burglars also prefer businesses without such tight security installations.

Security Lighting

Burglars prefer to go about their criminal activities in the dark to reduce the risk of discovery. Install security lighting systems at strategic locations on your business premises. For example, you can install motion-detector floodlights that fill designated areas with blinding lights if someone triggers them.

Controlled Access Systems

These systems ensure that only authorized people access sensitive areas on your premises. For example, controlled access to your storage rooms may reduce pilferage rates.

2. Security Practices

Apart from security installations, you also need practices that reduce theft risks. Below are some of these practices.

Confirm Locked Doors and Windows

Burglars often try windows and doors when breaking into buildings, and sometimes they succeed in getting in without breaking anything. Always lock your premises' doors and windows before leaving for the day.

Secure Valuables

Valuables in easily accessible areas are theft targets. Choose secure areas, such as backrooms with access control, for your valuables.

Secure Sensitive Information

Criminals sometimes gain easy access to buildings by using stolen information. For example, thieves may steal access passwords and waltz into your building. Protect such sensitive information, for example, by ensuring only those who need the passwords have them.

Train Your Workers

Your employees should be collaborators in your security efforts. Even a one-time lapse in security practices, for example, leaving a door open, can result in a costly burglary. Train the employees and have them practice standard security measures.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you avoid theft and minimize commercial insurance rates. However, you cannot eliminate the risk of theft; you can only reduce it. Thus, you still need adequate insurance coverage to protect your business in case of burglary and other losses. 

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