What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance?

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What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance?

9 August 2022
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Auto insurance covers you, your passengers, and your car when a crash occurs. Driving without coverage can lead to financial loss after an accident. In addition to that, you might get in trouble with the law. Here are the various types of car insurance you need to know.


This form of insurance can pay for hefty damages and injuries that you may cause to another person while driving. For instance, the coverage may foot the medical bills when you injure someone in a crash. Besides that, this insurance may cover property destruction if you're liable. In that regard, the coverage may help pay for damage when you hit a neighbor's fence or mailbox. It can also cater to repair and replacement expenses when you accidentally hit another person's car.


Ideally, this coverage can protect your automobile from tons of issues. For example, it shields your car against damage resulting from vandalism, theft, and fire. It can also cover animal damage or when a falling tree hits your car. You can also rely on this insurance to pay for expenses to fix your vehicle when earthquakes or floods ruin it. Additionally, this coverage can meet your car's replacement costs.

Personal Injury Protection

This coverage may settle your medical bills after a collision. It can also cater to loss of income if you have severe injuries. In other cases, this insurance can meet your funeral expenditure and those of your passengers. Additionally, this coverage can pay your child care and household expenses. What's more, your insurer may cover your rehabilitation charges until you recover fully.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Other drivers lack insurance, making them uninsured. If they hit you and you get serious injuries, this coverage can take care of your medical charges and car repairs. On the other side, some drivers might not have adequate coverage to cover your medical expenses after a crash. In some cases, their policy limits might be excessively low to pay for your hospital charges. On that account, underinsured coverage steps in to meet those costs. This insurance safeguards you against losses when another party is at fault.

Auto insurance comes in different types to suit various needs, depending on your unique situation. You can buy various types of coverage based on your needs and budget. It would be prudent to purchase enough insurance to avoid paying costly car expenses on your own.

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