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The world of insurance is changing. While you used to have to meet up with an insurance agent in person to discuss your policy options, you can now begin a new insurance policy right online. When I first signed up for an auto insurance policy, I realized that signing up right online led to confusion when I didn't have an agent with me to discuss which policy was best for me. Thankfully, I realized I could chat with an agent right on the website. I then began researching insurance and learned a lot about many types of insurance during the process. I find the ever-changing world of insurance so interesting that I continue to research it and thought that I would help others by posting what I learn on a blog. I hope I can help you make good insurance policy decisions! Check back often for new posts!


Buying Auto Insurance for the First Time? Avoid These 4 Potential Mistakes

14 June 2018
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If you are preparing to purchase your first auto insurance policy, you may think that there is a single policy out there that will cover all of your auto coverage needs. Unfortunately, there are mistakes that can be made when purchasing car insurance that can cost you down the road. Here are 4 potential mistakes you should avoid making. Getting the Bare Minimum Coverage If you are looking to purchase the minimum amount of insurance that you need, it's important to understand what it covers. Read More …

5 Injuries Your Home Insurance Liability Coverage May Not Cover

22 April 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Your home insurance coverage has a liability coverage portion that pays for injuries that you, your household members or your properties may cause to other people. However, it excludes some forms of injuries, such as the following five: 1. Injuries Sustained By Household Members Your homeowner's insurance liability coverage doesn't pay for injuries sustained by your household members; it's only meant for injuries you, your property or your pet may cause to others. Read More …

What You Should Know About Business Insurance

15 March 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Did your home business end up going further than expected in a short period of time? If the business has grown to the point of you needing to hire other people, it is likely time to take it out of your house as well. You must understand that there might be laws in place when it comes to operating a business of a certain size and type. For instance, it is possible that you will need to invest in business insurance coverage for the protection of your employees. Read More …

Three Features To Look For In Classic Car Insurance

5 February 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

When you own a collectible, classic, or antique vehicle, getting the right auto insurance is paramount to protecting your property. With the variety of plans and options available, it can be challenging deciding what to choose. While an insurance broker can help you narrow down your options, here are three features you should look for in your classic car auto insurance. High Mileage Limits Many people purchase and restore classic cars to display at auto shows. Read More …

How Vehicle Type Affects Car Insurance Rate

26 October 2017
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

The car you drive has a big influence on your auto insurance rates. Here are the specific things about your car that may affect your rates: The Safety Ratings of the Vehicle A car's safety rating gives an indication of how likely it is to cause an accident, the effectiveness of its crash-protection system, and how it behaves in a rollover, among other things. Auto insurance companies use safety ratings as one of the factors in calculating coverage rates. Read More …