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The world of insurance is changing. While you used to have to meet up with an insurance agent in person to discuss your policy options, you can now begin a new insurance policy right online. When I first signed up for an auto insurance policy, I realized that signing up right online led to confusion when I didn't have an agent with me to discuss which policy was best for me. Thankfully, I realized I could chat with an agent right on the website. I then began researching insurance and learned a lot about many types of insurance during the process. I find the ever-changing world of insurance so interesting that I continue to research it and thought that I would help others by posting what I learn on a blog. I hope I can help you make good insurance policy decisions! Check back often for new posts!


Three Types Of Insurance Coverage To Consider For Your Trucking Business

17 January 2022
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Finding the right insurance coverage for your trucking company can help save you money in the long run and provide added peace of mind for your business. The main types of insurance you likely already have for your car, such as liability, medical, and uninsured/underinsured motorist, can also be purchased for your trucking company, but there are also some industry-specific policies you might want to consider. Here's a closer look at three additional types of coverage to think about adding to your fleet. Read More …

Commercial Truck Insurance Basics

7 December 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Understanding the basics of commercial truck insurance can help ensure that you get the right insurance protection for your commercial truck and commercial trucking business. Whether you own and operate a single truck or an entire fleet of commercial trucks, it is better to understand the basics of your insurance protection needs before you find yourself in need of insurance protection you do not have. These are a few vital basics you need to know about your commercial truck insurance needs. Read More …

3 Homeowners Insurance Details To Keep In Mind If You Make Home Improvements

1 November 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Have you made or have plans to make home improvements? If so, you should ensure that you notify your home insurance provider. Perhaps you are thinking that reporting the improvements might result in higher premiums. You might also be erroneously thinking that a small project is not worth notification. There are a number of reasons why homeowners should report upgrades to their insurance providers. It might seem like a hassle to report and fill out paperwork. Read More …

Three Ways You May Be Able To Reduce Malpractice Insurance Cost For Your Medical Business

27 September 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Having a private practice medical business is fundamentally no different from other businesses. You need to make a profit, or you will be out of business. However, as a physician, you will face the expensive issue of medical malpractice insurance. Any way that can help to bring down your premiums is something you should look into. The following are a few ways you may be able to reduce this expense. Read More …

Two Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Homeowners Insurance

18 August 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Covering your property with homeowners insurance is an incredibly smart move. Insurance can really come in handy if you ever deal with a sudden, unexpected loss such as a burglary or in case someone is injured on your property. Getting your first homeowners insurance policy is exciting but it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. What should you include, and what is protected by the plan? Before you purchase your insurance coverage, here are a couple of things you need to know. Read More …